Why Does Your Skin Need A Good Cream?

Why Does Your Skin Need A Good Cream?

Face cream should be part of daily care, from 14-15 years and throughout life. The only thing that can change is the properties and composition of the Dead sea cosmetics depending on the age, the skin type, and individual characteristics.

Proper skin care helps in solving the following tasks:

  • Moisturizing - maintaining water balance will preserve the elasticity of the skin, prolong the youth;

  • Nutrition - delivery to the cells of the epidermis of valuable nutrients, amino acids, minerals, vitamins necessary for cell regeneration, maintaining youth and beauty of the skin;

  • Protection - the creation of a protective barrier against various environmental factors that can adversely affect the skin's condition (from ultraviolet light, bacteria, dust), as well as from stress.

Choose By Skin Type

Skin type is a fundamental criterion when choosing cosmetics, particularly face cream. Classification of creams by skin type:

  • Normal skin is healthy, elastic, without imperfections and signs of aging (wrinkles, pigment spots, irritation, enlarged pores, discomfort).

  • Such features determine oily skin as the density of the skin, oily shine, enlarged pores, which often form acne, and comedones.

  • Dry skin becomes a problem with age. Inability to retain moisture leads to rapid aging and wrinkles.

  • Combined skin. This type is characterized by a combination of dry or normal skin on the face with areas of oily skin on the forehead, chin, around nose.

Combined facial skin requires the most attention. Dead sea premier cosmetics Israel recommends using 2 products for different skin types or special creams with a specially designed balanced composition.

Choose On Purpose

There are 2 types of creams in Dead sea products from Jordan. These are:

Daytime Creams: Day creams are lighter, well absorbed, and great for use as a base for makeup. In addition, they may contain SPF filters to protect the skin from photoaging.

Night Creams: Night creams contain active substances, which, in contrast, in combination with UV can damage the skin. Night remedies have a denser structure and last longer. They should be applied only at night. During the night's rest that active cell regeneration takes place.

Choose By Skin Sensitivity

Owners of sensitive skin need to be very careful when choosing facial cosmetics. Even one inappropriate component in the cream can cause an adverse reaction - itching, irritation, rash. To avoid such problems, you must:

  • Avoid cheap cosmetics. It is better to pay attention to skin care products from the Dead sea;

  • Buy products of proven brands with hypoallergenic composition;

  • Before use, be sure to test the product on a small skin area.

Choose By Expiration Dates

How to choose a good face cream? First, you need to understand that face creams also have an expiration date.

Secondly, you cannot buy not only expired goods but also those whose shelf life is coming to an end. Why? Because you can't know if the rules of storage of cosmetic products have been followed, and as a result, you can spend money on cosmetics that have already fallen into disrepair.

Choose By Packaging

  • Your face cream should be stored and used correctly.

  • Bacteria and dust particles from the environment must not be allowed to enter the cosmetics.

  • Packaging in a tube or a jar with a dispenser is considered more economical and hygienic. In such a container, contact of the product with the skin and the environment is excluded.

If you still choose a tool in the jar, you need to take it from the container, not with your fingers. Dead sea cosmetics often go with a special spatula to not bring bacteria.