Make Your Hands Smooth And Soft With A New Hand Cream

Make Your Hands Smooth And Soft With A New Hand Cream

Having beautiful and young hands is possible only with a careful selection of cream, considering all the characteristics. You should not buy cosmetics in a non-specialized store with no confidence in the correct observance of storage conditions and quality assurance. Check our Dead sea products online. In addition to choosing a place to buy, you need to pay attention to the composition and effect of the cream and other features.

So, how to choose a hand cream?

Choose By Age

You should not buy a universal cream, especially for older skin. Your tired skin requires the presence of bioactive substances capable of combating aging. The Dead sea company offers a wide range of hand creams with beta-keratin, hyaluronic acid, mineral-vitamin complexes, and collagen.

  • You can choose soft and light creams at a young age because constant moisturizing is enough for daily care.

  • It is not recommended to choose creams intended for the elderly. There will be no faster effect, but it is quite possible to harm.

By Skin Type

When choosing a cream, you need to look at your skin type. Skin professional Dead sea cosmetics products with good hydration and nutrition will be ideal when dry. Pay attention to the Ahava Deadsea Water Mineral Hand Cream. It perfectly softens and nourishes the dermis and protects against cracks and the sun.

Rejuvenating creams can improve the situation if the skin already has signs of flabbiness, aging, wrinkles, and dullness. Do not neglect narrowly focused cosmetics - it gives a more significant effect than universal.

Choose By Texture

The texture of the cream is also essential. Day creams should be light and soft. They are easy to apply, well absorbed, and do not leave sticky and greasy marks on clothes and surfaces.

Night creams are thicker and denser. Some require gloves. However, in the morning after applying them, the skin of the hands is tender and very soft. This is achieved through nutrients that are a source of fatty acids, trace elements, and vitamins.

Choose By Composition

It is essential to know how to choose a hand cream for its composition. Of course, it should not contain harmful chemicals and synthetics. However, the cream jar must have:

  • Vitamins: A good choice is to buy Dead sea cosmetics products with vitamin E, which helps the skin recover. If you need to saturate the dermis with collagen to increase elasticity, it is better to choose a vitamin C cream to stimulate collagen production.

  • Amino acids: In the body, the primary building material is protein, which consists of amino acids. If the cream is enriched with amino acids, it helps to increase skin elasticity and recovery.

  • Herbs: Various plant extracts are often added to cosmetics - green tea, chamomile, roses, lavender, and sage. Each plant has its unique properties.

  • Oils: The best softening and nourishment of the skin is possible by adding natural oils to the cream, such as avocado, shea, coconut, olive, argan, and tea tree.

Intensive hand cream enriched with Dead Sea mud from our Dead sea cosmetics shop is considered to be an excellent remedy. It contains a large set of oils, vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts, making the skin velvety and very soft.