How To Take Care Of Your Skin In The Spring?

How To Take Care Of Your Skin In The Spring?

The products you used in the winter should be replaced with analogs with a more suitable texture, composition, and formula in the spring. With the help of Dead sea minerals skin care, you will be able to stop the natural aging process and enrich your skin with proper vitamins and minerals. What daily beauty routine to choose to tone the skin, give it a uniform tone and overall healthy look?

Break this process into five main components:

Step 1: Skin Cleansing

This is the essential element of the daily beauty routine.

  • First, remove makeup or wipe the face with micellar water to remove all the unnecessary particles accumulated during the day.

  • Next, if you wear long-lasting makeup, you need to use more dense textures to completely cleanse the skin.

  • Wash away anything left on the skin after pre-cleansing. This maneuver ensures the opening of the pores. You can do it with Ahava milk or gel for dry and normal skin. Premier Dead sea cosmetics also recommends washing foams.

DON’T use scrubs, peels, and other deep cleansing products daily. Find out how often and what remedy your skin needs from your cosmetologist.

Step 2: Skin Toning

After opening the pores and cleansing the skin, it is necessary to tone it with a tonic or lotion. Toning is a critical stage of care, regardless of whether it is mature or problem skin.

Tonics are moisturizing, normalizing the pH balance, and cleansing - acid-based. Toning with minerals from the Dead sea products restores the pH balance on the skin surface and improves the penetration into the dermis of nutrients, serums, and creams.

Step 3: Applying Serum

Choose serum or emulsion according to skin type and purpose. You can also use not one serum but a combination of two, three, and even five (depending on the task).

Step 4: Applying A Cream Or Emulsion

In the spring, use light products from dead sea cosmetics Israel with a rich structure of components. The main goal is to moisturize the skin and preserve its current condition.

Step 5: SPF Filters

Apply a protective cream with an SPF of at least 20 or 30. SPF may already be in your care cream, so be careful.

What Means Should Everyone Include In Their Beauty List?

  • For cleansing, use high-quality universal products from the Dead sea Israel suitable for any skin type. Foams and mousses are the best remedies for tired skin.

  • For toning of any skin, including sensitive, the means with the NMF factor will be suitable. NMF is responsible for natural hydration and moisture retention.

  • To protect the skin, use a cream with SPF.

Note that the most sensitive areas of your face: the skin under the eyes and lips, also need special care. Pay proper attention to the neck, skin, lips, and periorbital area.

It is time to dispel the common myth that serum is unsuitable for these delicate areas. Dead sea cosmetics from Israel offer serums and creams with extra vitamins needed for thin and gentle skin.