How To Put Skin In Order In 1 Day?

How To Put Skin In Order In 1 Day?

Only time management gurus can find time for themselves and their skin in this marathon “find time for everything.” We have prepared a small instruction for those who do not have this superpower that will help them become the star of every party. You may use mineral Dead sea cosmetics for deep cleaning and restoration in one day.

Step 1: Deeply Cleanse The Skin

This stage will prepare your face for further care and makeup. It is essential to clean the pores and peel dead cells so that the beneficial ingredients penetrate deep into the dermis. It is the first condition your skin will look fresh and radiant.

A day or two before an important event, in the evening after the usual cleansing, apply a scrub or acid peel on the face. Choosing a natural remedy from your favorite Dead sea cosmetics shop is better.

  • Ahava Time to Treat Facial Renewal Peel is a facial peeling mask with PHA acids and plant extracts. It cleanses, soothes inflammation, brightens, and deeply moisturizes the skin.

Step 2: Apply A Night Mask

A night mask is a reliable and simple remedy that saves the skin from trouble. While you sleep - it will remove peeling, dullness, and inflammation, moisturize, and nourish the skin. Apply the mask after makeup removal and cleansing, at least half an hour before bedtime, in a thin layer. Leave for some time to absorb.

It is crucial to choose the right product with a natural composition. Here is the best option for different skin types.

  • Ahava Overnight Deep Wrinkle is a night soothing face mask with minerals and vitamins. According to the Dead sea cosmetics review, the mask effectively removes redness, reduces inflammation, promotes skin regeneration, and stimulates collagen synthesis. Soothes inflamed and tired skin, restores elasticity, tone, fresh look. Suitable for oily and problem skin.

Step 3: Remove Dark Circles Under The Eyes

Modern Instagram girls believe that every girl’s refrigerator must have 3 products: avocado, lettuce, and hydrogel patches. Agree with it or not, patches are a must-have for your refrigerator and self-care. We can’t even imagine how we lived without them before. This lifesaver removes swelling and erases traces of any fatigue.

Step 4: Use A Fabric Mask

Fabric masks quickly moisturize and nourish the skin. They work as an occlusion - a physical barrier that seals a mixture of beneficial ingredients for you, not allowing them to evaporate.

Apply the fabric mask immediately after the patches. And don't forget to remove it in 15 - 30 minutes. Do not overdo the product. The dried mask does not moisturize but, on the contrary, draws moisture from your skin. Where to buy Dead sea products for facial care? Our online store has all the famous Israel cosmetic lines for your health and care.

Step 5: Do A Facial Massage And Apply The Usual Care

Facial massage increases blood circulation, removes wrinkles, and tightens the oval face. There are a lot of tools and techniques that will help make this process simple and enjoyable.

If you do not have time but have a massage roller, you can do a massage on a fabric mask. It will help the active ingredients work even better, remove wrinkles, and refresh your skin before the party.