Hair Types: What Do I Have, Normal, Oily, Or Dry?

Hair Types: What Do I Have, Normal, Oily, Or Dry?

How to choose the proper hair care, optimal haircut, and hairstyle? Of course, for this, you need to be able to distinguish hair types. Ironically, many girls do not know their type or are mistaken about it. We tell you all about the main types of hair and proper home care for them.

Oily Hair

Oily hair is called hair with excessive fat secretion on the scalp. Hair of this type becomes dirty faster than others - a day after washing, and sometimes a couple of hours. Oily hair is rarely split, almost not electrified, and does not look dull. Oily hair can be washed every day, provided that you use proper Dead sea hair products for daily washing.

Do not even look at the bottles with the “2 in 1” label when choosing a shampoo. They do not cope well with removing dirt from the length of the hair. Choose shampoos for oily hair which contain natural ingredients or a small number of parabens and sulfates: from 0.20 to 1%. Try to choose indelible products that contain drying and antibacterial components - for example, fruit extracts, zinc, and dead sea mud.

Dry Hair

Dry hair does not require frequent washing as it can maintain a clean and tidy appearance for five days. But such purity is expensive as it is accompanied by dullness and excessively split ends. This is a vicious circle - the hair is difficult to comb, and it is highly electrified when combing.

Dry hair is usually challenging to style. Using hot air and thermal stylers can only worsen the overall condition of the hair. Your hair needs premier Dead sea cosmetics with extra care and hydration.

Normal Hair

You have normal hair if it gets greasy at the roots by the end of 3 days after shampooing. The split ends also have a place, but not as often and not as much as in dry hair.

Normal hair is well suited to different types of styling and does not become a problem with moderate use of hair dryers. Wash it as it gets dirty - about twice a week using mild shampoos that will not strongly affect the scalp and hair.

Combined Hair

Combined hair, unfortunately, combines the problems of all hair types:

  • the roots of the hair quickly acquire a stale appearance

  • the ends are split

  •  the hair is electrified along its entire length.

You feel dryness at the roots after washing. It is advisable to wash the combined hair about three times a week with Dead sea products from Jordan. They offer shampoos with a natural composition, determining whether you are allergic to the components.

Hair Type Based On Other Characteristics

It's time to determine the type of hair based on its shape: straight, wavy, curly.

  • Straight hair is usually quite shiny, elastic, and difficult to style.

  • Wavy hair is often slightly fluffy and looks less shiny and vibrant than straight.

  • Curly hair is a unique type of hair. Its condition highly depends on the environment. Select care based not only on hair type but also on how you want your hair to look without styling.

No matter what type of hair you have, you can use natural Dead sea minerals cosmetics for hair and follow general rules so that your curls always look healthy and tidy. Avoid using a hairdryer and stylers. Buy products exclusively for your hair type, and protect from sudden differences in temperature and exposure to UV rays. Use peels and scrubs for the scalp wisely, and rinse your hair with moderately warm water.