Dead Sea Minerals Bio Spa Firming Body Cream

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Brand: Sea of Spa Dead-Sea Cosmetics
Weight: 120 ml / 4.06 fl oz

Firming Body Cream', by Sea of Spa, is an prompt and solid skin moisturizer. Enhanced with pomegranate extricate and wheat germ oils, this cream relieves and reinforces your skin, restoring it with dead sea minerals and vitamins and leaving it shining, delicate, solid and new, with a delightful fragrance waiting for a while.

The dead sea, Israel, is well known to not as it were be the least point on soil, but moreover one of the foremost special. Celebrated for its water being so thickly stuffed with minerals and vitamins that things float on it instead of sinking, the dead sea can effortlessly be utilized for those minerals and vitamins through beauty care products, bringing the body the minerals and vitamins imperative to its health. Sea of Spa has continuously exceeded expectations in this respect, and with over 15 a long time of quality dead sea beauty care products, presently they are on the exceptionally beat of the diversion.

Brand Of Product
Brand Sea of Spa Dead-Sea Cosmetics
One Product Weight
Weight 120 ml / 4.06 fl oz
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