Psoriasis Multi Active Oil from Dead Sea Psomedic

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Brand: Sea of Spa Dead-Sea Cosmetics
Weight: 180 ml / 6 fl oz

Utilize this one of a kind psoriasis oil within the information that it is comprised totally from normal fixings. Therefore, it is able to supply a completely secure help from psoriasis, through fragrance based treatment, which utilizes essential oils from plants. In this case, you may discover an oil that's wealthy in sesame, geranium, eucalyptus and other components found within the region of the world popular Dead Sea.

Situated at the globe's most reduced point, Dead Ocean minerals are celebrated the world over for their capacity to alleviate and mend, much obliged to a one of a kind combination of critical components such as sodium and potassium. These are the key to this amazing psoriasis oil, which truly does give alleviation from psoriasis and other skin disturbances. For successful treatment, basically apply this one of a kind oil for 3-4 minutes and rub in with a harsh towel to produce excellent comes about. On the off chance that fundamental, it is suggested to take after this by applying a additionally restorative psoriasis cream, which is additionally wealthy in Dead Sea minerals. Because this psoriasis oil is produced from entirely natural products, you can be free from the worry of any nasty side effects. Simply apply the oil as required and discover the most effective available relief from psoriasis.


Dead Sea Minerals,Sesame Oil,Geranium,Eucalyptus,Bergamot,Lavender.

Brand Of Product
Brand Sea of Spa Dead-Sea Cosmetics
One Product Weight
Weight 180 ml / 6 fl oz
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