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Brand: Hlavin Cosmetics and Lavilin Deodorant
Weight: 10m/ / 0.33 oz

The desert climate of the center east and the truth that numerous here within the heavenly arrive appreciate a great climb or walk both make legitimate foot cleanliness an basic portion of the day by day routine. Take the time to assist your possess feet by applying this foot antiperspirant cream from Israeli Beauty care products grant winning company Lavilin!

Pamper your feet on that extraordinary day, and deliver them a bit of care. Your feet bolster you through all of your life taking you from put to put, and they have to be be taken care of. As well regularly we disregard how superb it is when our feet feel decent, but not nowadays. Take your feet's consolation to the following level with a cream that moisturizes and deodorizes them and leaves them feeling pleasant all through the day. This progressive spa corrective antiperspirant for your feet is the most perfect way to treat your feet! This thing is free of aluminum, parabens, and liquor. Treat yourself and your family by exchanging to this characteristic antiperspirant utilizing normal herbs and other ingredients!

Lavilin is an internationally recognized Israeli cosmetics company. It's founder was awarded the ג€œMedal of Quality for his innovative contributions to the cosmetics industry.

Brand Of Product
Brand Hlavin Cosmetics and Lavilin Deodorant
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Weight 10m/ / 0.33 oz
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