Dead Sea Keratin Hair Care Gift Set

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Brand: Health and Beauty Dead Sea Minerals

This delightful Hair Care blessing bundle set by Health & Beauty is beyond any doubt to spoil the hair of the fortunate individual accepting it. Chock full of Keratin, a actually happening building piece of the hair, it is able to repair and restabilize harmed hair, giving it back its versatility, sparkle, and quality. The components, as well as certain hair medications, can harm the hair follicle, but Keratin makes a difference revamp the hair that will be part, warm harmed, etc. In expansion, these products are dead sea makeup, which implies that Dead Sea minerals are included, giving your hair and scalp back any minerals it ought to develop solid and solid. These items move forward the wellbeing of the hair, additionally the look, giving the hair a sumptuous shine and scent, and keeping it delicate, smooth, thick, and efficient. Included within the set are a Keratin Cleanser for Smoothed Hair (400ml), a Keratin Hair Serum for Smoothed Hair (50ml), a Keratin Hair Cover for Smoothed Hair (500ml), a Perfumed Keratin Hair Splash (200ml)

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Brand Health and Beauty Dead Sea Minerals
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