Dead Sea Cosmetics Bio Mud 3 Body Care Products Kit from Sea of Spa

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Brand: Sea of Spa Dead-Sea Cosmetics
Weight: total 400ml / 13.5 oz

An all-round body care Dead Sea corrective item with three extravagant and successfully feeding creams that will deliver your skin the care it needs. The skin is the greatest organ and is frequently the foremost dismissed and it needs consistent care and moisturizing to keep it looking and feeling smooth and fed. The Effective Body Cream contains Dead sea minerals and mud, Dunaliella green growth to moisturize and ensure the skin. This Sea of Spa item can be connected liberally on dry skin .The Effective Foot and Knees Cream enhanced with Dead sea mud and minerals and dunaliellla green growth is effectively retains and takes off your skin feeling smooth. Knead until retained. The Capable Hands and Elbow cream is the dream cream for that difficult skin by the elbow and dry skin on your hand. It profoundly moisturizes, clearing out the skin feeling smooth smooth. Rubbed until completely ingested.

Brand Of Product
Brand Sea of Spa Dead-Sea Cosmetics
One Product Weight
Weight total 400ml / 13.5 oz
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